Resonancias: Revista de investigación musical

ISSN 0719 - 5702 (en línea); ISSN 0717 - 3474 (impresa)

N°47 /

Noviembre 2020

Portada Resonancias nº47 2020

Editorial procedures

Resonancias is a biannual journal that publishes submissions in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Evaluations of submissions are done in double-blind peer review process. Each article is revised by at least two expert peer reviewers, whose evaluation serves as the basis for the acceptance or rejection of each submission.

Once the review process is complete (approximately 10 weeks after the end of each call for papers), the author will receive one of the following decisions: 1. the article is accepted in the state in which it was submitted; 2. the article is accepted pending revisions detailed in the decision or; 3. the article is rejected.

In the case of scenario 2, the editor will ask that the author to make the changes indicated in the decision by a specified resubmission deadline. Once the new version is received (within the stipulated deadline), the editor will once again revise the article and, if deemed necessary, may ask the author to make additional changes within a newly established timeframe. Once the revised version is received, the editorial team and/or committee will decide whether or not to publish or reject the article. Note that failure to comply with these deadlines is reason enough for the editorial team to reject the article.

It is also important to note that, while the evaluators’ role – in terms of their specific field of expertise – resides in ensuring the quality of the articles submitted, the prerogative of Resonancia’s editorial team is to ensure the consistency of the publication. This means that the final decision as to whether or not an articles is accepted or rejected lies ultimately with the editorial team.
The process described here will apply only to research articles, and not to documents or reviews. Album and book reviews will be solicited directly by the editorial team, which will also take on the responsibility of ensuring that high standards of form and content are maintained.

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