Aim and Scope


Resonancias aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge about music in its many different facets, as well as fomenting the development of music research, especially in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

The journal’s target audience consists of researchers and students of music and its related fields, in particular the arts and humanities (history, anthropology, sociology, education, etc.), though it also encourages participation from researchers in other areas such as cognitive sciences, engineering and ICT.


Resonancias focuses mainly on the publication of original research articles that constitute a contribution to knowledge in the field of music studies, which is understood in a broad sense, ranging from musicology and ethnomusicology to other disciplines that inform and intersect them, including but not limited to history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, cognitive sciences, education, cultural studies and other areas of scientific and technological research. The journal, although open to submissions about any and all geographic areas, is particularly interested in research on Ibero-America (Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula).

In addition, Resonancias features album and book reviews, as well as a documents section for other types of texts, such as essays, interviews and transcriptions of relevant sources.