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Aidan Deery

Composer and sound artist from County Armagh, Northern Ireland. He was awarded a PhD in Composition from Queen's University Belfast after completing research at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in 2014. His output to date makes use of field recordings, and ranges from fixed medium to instrument and live electronics. Aidan has had his work presented at a variety of festivals, including Sonorities, iFIMPaC and Festival Futura, and at concerts in countries across Europe, as well as the Americas. He also collaborates with Matilde Meireles to form the field recording duo bunú.

Artículos publicados:

Amalgam – Collaborative techniques within cooperative spaces

, and

Resonancias vol.19, n°36, enero-junio 2015, pp. 27-36.
DOI: http://doi.org/10.7764/res.2015.36.3