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Robin Renwick

PhD Candidate at SARC, Queen's University Belfast. His specific topic, under the guidance of Prof. Pedro Rebelo, is directed at researching a network sourced approach to network music, exploring concepts, theories, abstractions, and implications. Robin completed his undergraduate degree in Business and Economics at Trinity College Dublin, before completing a BETAC in Sound Engineering at the Sound Training Centre, Dublin, followed by a two-year FETAC course in Theatre and Drama at the Further Education College, Cork. He went on to complete his MSc in Music & Technology at Cork's School of Music.

Artículos publicados:

Amalgam – Collaborative techniques within cooperative spaces

, and

Resonancias vol.19, n°36, enero-junio 2015, pp. 27-36.
DOI: http://doi.org/10.7764/res.2015.36.3