Editorial procedures

Resonancias is a biannual journal that publishes research articles, documents, and reviews in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

Each article is reviewed, firstly, by the editorial team (the chief and managing editors), which determines whether the proposal meets the conditions to be sent for external evaluation and communicates this decision to the author.

The articles that pass to this second stage are evaluated by at least two researchers specialized in the area, whose evaluation serves as the basis for the final decision of the editorial team regarding its acceptance or rejection. The corresponding decision is also notified to each author. As a whole, the evaluation process usually takes a maximum of six months.

This journal uses a double-blind peer review to evaluate the articles. To ensure independence in this process, we verify that the evaluators do not belong to the same institution as the author of the work under review.

Accepted articles undergo an editing process that may involve requests for changes to the original text. Whether proposed by external reviewers or the editorial team, their implementation is a condition for publishing the article unless the author convincingly justifies the contrary.

Rejected proposals cannot be resubmitted to this same journal.

Authors or co-authors who publish an article in Resonancias will have a subsequent restriction of one year (two issues) before publishing another of their authorship. A new proposal will be evaluated like any other if submitted within this period. In case of acceptance, however, its publication will be paused until the indicated period is met. This restriction does not apply to documents and reviews.

Documents and reviews are evaluated only by the editorial team and/or the editorial board. They can be commissioned by the editorial team itself or proposed by the authors.