The Body in Rock: gestures, poietics and identity. Two cases of punk

Resonancias vol. 17, nº 32, junio 2013, pp.111-134.




The relationship between body and rock is more than a historical matter. This work focuses on two case studies, a vocal performance by German singer Nina Hagen and a guitar performance by Chilean Casimiro de las Calaveras. This essay is based on my personal and etnographic experiences as bass player in many performances with de las Calaveras. Both analyses, one from the perspective of vocality and one focused on musical gesture, show the relationship between body and music, with different levels of depth. This systematic analysis allows for the exploration of musical performance as a poietic, identitarian, and subjective evocation.

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Becker, Guadalupe. 2013. "El Cuerpo en el Rock: gestualidad, poiética e identidad. Dos casos del punk". Resonancias 17 (32): 111-134.

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