Dance Music, an Experience of Ecstasy through the Body. Reflections around an Ethnography carried out in Three Festivals of Santiago de Chile

Resonancias vol.17, n°32, junio 2013, pp. 65-76.



This paper studies dance music and its role in providing a bodily experience of “ecstasy” within the context of the electronic party. This essay assumes that this kind of ecstasy is experienced through the human body in the context of dance, and that it relates to ideas and concepts that were born in modern contemporary societies. These ideas describe the body as an alter ego capable of providing pleasant sensations to the person, and conceives the electronic party as a “space” in which participants are able to experience new sensations in the context of body ecstasy.

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Paredes, Javier. 2013. "Música dance, una experiencia de éxtasis a través del cuerpo. Reflexiones en torno a una etnografía realizada en tres fiestas de Santiago de Chile". Resonancias 17 (32): 65-76.

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