Musical Gestures in the Transition from the Harpsichord to the Pianoforte (1770-1820)

Resonancias vol.17, n°33, diciembre 2013, pp. 127-146.




This document examines the evolution of various “musical gestures” during the transition from harpsichord to pianoforte, focusing on the period 1770-1820. The work is based on historical sources and on my own experience as a pianist. The first part studies effective gestures (associated to the instrument and its touch), and the second one accompaniment gestures (associated to the performance). As a conclusion, I propose that the transition from harpsichord to piano, as well as the transition from a private to a public stage generated a more extensive display of the effective and accompaniment musical gestures discussed in this work.

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Sato Besoaín, Eduardo. 2013. "Gestos musicales en la transición del clavecín al pianoforte (1770-1820)". Resonancias 17 (33): 127-146.

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