Reception of media music - some theoretical-methodological contributions to the reflection on listening

Resonancias vol.17, n°33, diciembre 2013, pp. 89-102.




This article discusses some theoretical/methodological proposals about musical listening. We consider listening as a possibility to understand the awareness forms of a social group, their ways of bonding, their affiliations and identities in transit through the complex logic of this global era. We provide a dialogue between three authors, exploring their convergences and divergences: we begin with Pierre Bourdieu’s notion of habitus. We then present Gino Stefani’s musical semiology (semiotics) and his notion of “musical competence”, seeking points of encounter and disagreement between these two authors. Finally, we study the notion of “narrative identity” deriving from Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutics discussions, as an important contribution to the interpretation of self-narratives produced listeners, establishing itself as fruitful tool for understanding their listening. The intention of this article is to build a small genealogy of ways of thinking about agents in structured societies with cultural and social hierarchies, considering their power relations and the ideology and hegemony provided by their context, focusing on some theoretical and methodological constructs that can be useful for a broader understanding of the reception of media music and the role player by the subject/agent.

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Pereira, Simone Luci. 2013. "Recepção da música midiática - alguns aportes teórico-metodológicos para a reflexão sobre a escuta". Resonancias 17 (33): 89-102.

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